Does John Scalzi Prefer Spaceships or Dragons? Find Out in a Series of Rapid Fire Questions!

Back when our offices were still open, Tor Books sat down with beloved author John Scalzi to ask some tough, rapid fire questions. That’s right, we know you’ve all been wanting to know whether John Scalzi prefers pancakes or waffles! Watch the video to discover the answer.


Pancakes or Waffles?

John Scalzi: How is this even a question? Obviously it is waffles. Just the aesthetic of the waffle is so much better and you can make almost anything into a waffle.

Tea or Coffee?

JS: Neither, actually, I don’t really drink tea that often and I almost never drink coffee. I drink a lot of Coke Zero. It’s kind of a miracle I do not have any kidney stones at this point.

Dragons or Space Ships?

JS: I mean, I write science fiction primarily so I gotta stick up for the spaceships, I really gotta.

Who would play you in a biopic?

JS: Paul Giamatti. I mean… that’s kind of a given, isn’t it? I mean…

What would your superpower be?

JS: My dream superhero power…to wake up and the books have been written.

What’s next for John Scalzi?

JS: One of the things that I’m very seriously considering is a new book in a series that already exists that has the initials of O.M.W… I can’t say anything other than that at this point, but that’s one of the things I’m considering.


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