On May 3, MST3K’s “Live Riff-Along” Will Riff…Itself!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 has a plan to ease your quarantine blues. The AV Club reports that the MST3K team has scheduled a “Live Riff-Along” for Sunday, May 3 at 6 PM ET, featuring the (socially distanced) cast of the live tour.

They won’t just be taking on any old film, either: according to the publication, the cast will be riffing along to an episode from the very first season of MST3K, “Moon Zero Two”, which means there’s going to be riffs on riffs on riffs. Fans who tune in will also be treated to a screening of a new short, Circus Day, and behind-the-scenes snippets on Facebook during commercial breaks.

Here’s the cast-list:

  • Emily Marsh as Emily Crenshaw
  • Conor McGiffin as Tom Servo
  • Nate Begle as Crow T. Robot
  • Yvonne Freese as Mega-Synthia and GPC

Meanwhile, creator Joel Hodgson will be answering questions and comments on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. The “Live Riff-Along” will be streamed on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, as well as MST3K’s channels on Pluto TV, Redbox, Stirr, Vizio, and Xumo. For more information on how this whole thing came together, head on over to the The AV Club


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