Watch Jaskier Read Lustily From The Witcher Story Where He Is Introduced

The Witcher was an unexpectedly (well maybe not so unexpectedly) popular hit when it debuted late last year on Netflix, and now, we’re stuck waiting for the second season to arrive.

In the meantime, we can listen to Joey Batey, who plays the bard Jaskier, read an excerpt from the framing story for “The Edge of the World”, from Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish, a story that appeared in the show’s second episode.

The reading follows others that Netflix has put together since last December, when it released a video of Henry Cavill reading from the same book. The Last Wish is the first installment from the series, a collection of short stories that introduces the world and the story’s main characters, including Jaskier — who as Batey points out, was named Dandelion in the book.

In this video, Batey is reading from the short story “The Edge of the World”, which is the sixth story in The Last Wish. It’s about the first time that Jaskier and Geralt go off together on an adventure as they go off to a remote village to deal with a troublesome deovel.

Batey proves to be a good narrator, and we applaud Netflix’s efforts to feature their actors reading from the works that they’re basing their shows on. Maybe it’ll be a trend that catches on.


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