Fan Artists Share Pop Culture Character Portraits With Hashtag #SixFanArts

There’s no getting around it: Social distancing is LONELY. But you know what isn’t lonely? That’s right: fandom. As quarantine drags on, virtual communities and a shared love of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror have been the glue holding us all together. In other words, the real coronavirus coping strategy has been the friends we made along the way.

A couple weeks ago, our virtual office bonded over a “slightly more scientific” personality quiz that gave each of us a definitive list of the pop culture characters we’re like. This week, we’re turning to fan art for solace. Over the past few days, fan artists all around the world have been sharing portraits of six pop culture characters on Twitter under the hashtag #SixFanArts, making their selection via suggestions from followers. We saw representation from all kinds of different fandoms, from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Birds of Prey to Spirited Away and The Witcher, as well as examples of all kinds of different art styles, from detailed oil portraits to anime-inspired caricatures to illustrations that looked straight out of a classic children’s book. (And soooo much JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Fire Emblem.)

Click through for HQ’s personal favorites, and share your picks in the comments!



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