Watch a Dalek Patrol a Town In Britain To…Encourage…Social Distancing

One might think that a malicious alien race might welcome the help of a worldwide pandemic in their never-ending quest to exterminate the human race. But even the Daleks have taken to the streets to urge people to stay indoors and away from their neighbors to slow the spread of the illness.

“All Humans must keep indoors,” the machine shouted as it rolled up the street over the weekend. “All Humans will self-isolate, by order of the Daleks.”

It’s not quite as heartwarming as the Doctor’s message from a couple of weeks ago, but it’s certainly no less effective: Daleks are good at shouting orders. Even so, it’s a welcome moment of humor, at a time when the numbers for the pandemic continue to rise around the world.

(Also who has a life-size and fully functional Dalek?!?)

Note: This post originally mistook the “Sandford” Hot Fuzz reference for an actual town. The error has been corrected after a swift reprimand from Sgt. Angel and a stunningly vulgar reprimand from Officer Butterman.


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