Announcing Inventera, the Sequel to Nino Cipri’s Finna

We’re excited to announce that author Nino Cipri is returning to the multi-dimensional world of their rambunctious and touching novella, Finna. Publishing February 2021, Inventera centers on the big annual sale at a box furniture store that just happens to connect to the multiverse. What could possibly go wrong?

After two of his coworkers vanished into a wormhole, Derek is now the lowest-ranking employee of his branch of the big-box furniture chain LitenVärld. He wouldn’t mind—he knows he’s also the most loyal—but calling in sick the day those workers vanished through a wormhole has corporate on his back.

Derek is offered a chance at redemption: an overnight shift before the big annual blow-out sale, the most volatile night of the year. The result? A whole team of Dereks show up from other universes, ready to wreck shop and build a community more caring than the LitenVärld corporate hell.

From author Nino Cipri:

“I’m thrilled to work with Carl Engle-Laird and the amazing team at Publishing on a Finna sequel. I suspected there were more stories lurking below LitenVärld’s outwardly benign, corporate surface, and I can’t wait to dive back in.”



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