This “Slightly More Scientific” Personality Quiz Will Give You the Definitive List of Pop Culture Characters You Match

If you’re looking for a way to while away the hours in self-isolation, it might be a good time to definitively find out—once and for all—all the pop culture characters you have jostling for sovereignty inside of you. That was the idea at (the now-virtual) HQ at least, where we all took the Open-Source Psychometrics’ Project’s Statistical “Which Character” Personality Quiz.

Go take it, and click through for the staff and contributors’ results!

As the website’s creator explained, this isn’t like a Buzzfeed quiz, where you answer questions and get told which of a set number of characters you are from a specific work. Instead, you’re presented with a spectrum labeled at both ends (e.g. “modest” vs. “flamboyant”, or “trusting” vs. “suspicious”), and asked to adjust the slider around according to where you think you fall. Upon completion, you’re told the character you’re like the most, and then given a long, long list (like, 488 entries long) of all the characters you’re like, ranked by percentage of similarity. While there doesn’t appear to be a complete list of fandoms the quiz draws from, characters are taken from sources as diverse as Game of Thrones and The Wire to Pride and Prejudice and Cowboy Bebop. 


Christina Orlando, Books Editor & Publicity Manager, Chaos Demon


Leah Schnelbach, Staff Writer, And Apparently This Dude From A Show They Still Haven’t Watched


Natalie Zutter, Contributor, And Messy Bench Who Loves Drama


Chris Lough, Director and confirmed grump


Sarah Tolf, Production Manager and apparent scheming smartypants


Mordicai Knode, Publishing Marketing Manager and Voice of a Nation


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