“I love thee still.” Highlights From #TorDotRead’s First Discussion of The Goblin Emperor!

The Great Socially Distant Read of The Goblin Emperor kicked off last Wednesday with fantastic results! We shared a vibrant conversation with readers on Twitter, while maintaining a safe and healthy distance. You can look back at the whole discussion (and join this week’s!) at #TorDotReads, and in the meantime, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights of last week’s conversation.


While there are plenty of deep topics we’ll discuss as we get further into the story, the important thing at the outset is to say, again, and I can’t stress this enough, MAIA IS THE BEST. We were all excited to see that a lot of readers popped into the conversation just to squee about our favorite Goblin. For instance:

And this, which actually made us tear up a little:

And then there’s this assertion, which is cool and all but implies that there are angels other than Maia himself?


The Goblin…Cinnamon Roll? 



A few readers dug into Katherine Addison’s wonderful use of language, which conveys so much so quickly:

…while also taking the time to be pretty:

A few readers also commented on the complex formalities of Maia’s world can make the first chapters a little bumpy as you get used to the style.

Have you found the different forms of address difficult so far? Or have they become clearer as the book continues?


Fun with Tropes! 

One reader pointed out Addison’s deft subversion of tropes:


The Question of Setheris

We asked what readers thought of Maia’s Cousin Setheris, the foul-tempered man who raised Maia under a regime of sarcasm, insults, and even physical violence. The responses were as complex as Setheris himself, with one finding a Harry Potter connection:


And another focusing on how laser-sharp Addison’s depiction of an abusive situation truly is:

And of course some of us just want #JusticeForMaia.


Poisonous Pleasure

And while Setheris certainly can’t be seen as an ally of Maia’s, his harsh instruction, coupled with his father’s indifference, has forced Maia to learn how to draw certain lines when it comes to his family and his hostile court:


Reading in Isolation

And finally, a few readers picked up on why this particular book made for such an appealing read right now:

Thanks to all the readers for your thoughts! We’re so excited to check in again on Twitter at #TorDotReads, Wednesday at 2:00pm, where we’ll be discussing Chapters 5-10, “The Emperor’s Household,” “The Widow Empress,” “The Tomb of the Empress Chenelo,” “The Coronation of Edrehasivar VII,” “The Report of the Witnesses for The Wisdom of Choharo,” and “The Witness for the Dead.” We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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