The Doctor’s Emergency Transmission Is Just What We Need Right Now

We’re currently living in uncertain times, and there is one hero who’s well suited to guide and inspire us: The Doctor. Jodie Whittaker’s character took to Twitter  to deliver the perfect message to help us through the pandemic: Be kind, and listen to doctors. Take a look.

Whittaker appears as The Doctor in a short “emergency transmission” while she’s self isolating—hiding from an army of Sontarans—posted to the official Doctor Who twitter feed, dispensing some much-needed advice.

What she does in these types of situations? Remember that we’ll get through this, tell jokes—especially bad ones, be kind and look out for one another, listen to scientists and doctors, and stay strong and positive.

“Things will be alright, even if they look uncertain, even if you’re worried, darkness never prevails.”


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