Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Update The Shaun of the Dead Winchester Plan In This Coronavirus PSA

Shaun of the Dead remains one of the best zombie movies ever made, and it feels all the more relevant right now. Edgar Wright’s RomZomCom features Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as they contend with a slow-moving zombie outbreak that upends society, forcing them to take drastic action.

16 years later, the two actors have revised “The Winchester Plan,” one of the film’s best moments, to remind viewers not to be jerks during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. (via io9)

That particular scene is The Plan, as Simon Pegg’s Shaun works out various permutations on how to keep himself and his friends safe from the zombies that surround them: Collect his mother, kill his zombified stepfather, escape to his ex-girlfriend’s flat, and wait out the disaster. Obviously, the rest of the film doesn’t quite go as planned.

Fast forward almost a decade and a half later, and Pegg and Frost recreate the moment in an amusing scene: check up on his mother, follow National Health Service guidelines, and stay away from friends and public spaces like The Winchester while they wait for it to blow over.

It’s a cute PSA, one that reminds us just how great the pair are together. Hopefully, we’ll see them reunited in a film before too much longer.


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