Vampire: The Masquerade Is Getting Three Audio Novellas

If you grew up in the ’90s and/or are really into tabletop RPGs, then chances are you’ve come across Vampire: The Masquerade. Set in the World of Darkness, the game allows you to play as a brooding, “gothic-punk” vampire in a society made up of your fellow nocturnal bloodsuckers, called Kindreds and organized into sects and clans. Since its inception in 1991, the game has blown up into a massive franchise and become (arguably) one of the most influential vampire verses of all time, spawning videogames, card games, a short-lived TV show, a Twitch-streamed webseries, an album, and a comic book series. Now, audiobooks are being added to the mix. On Tuesday, Harper Voyager announced that it will be publishing three “audio-first” horror novellas set in the World of Darkness.

Entitled Vampire: The Masquerade: Walk Among Us, the trilogy will be written by authors Genevieve Gornichec, Tor author Cassandra Khaw, and Caitlin Starling. Here’s the books’ official synopses, according to a press release:

The subtle horror and infernal politics of the World of Darkness are shown in a new light
in VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE: WALK AMONG US, spotlighting the terror, hunger, and power of the Kindred as they’ve never been seen before.

In A SHEEP AMONG WOLVES by Genevieve Gornichec, depression and radicalization go hand-in-hand as a young woman finds companionship in the darkness… In FINE PRINT by Cassandra Khaw, an arrogant tech bro learns the importance of reading the fine print in the contract for immortality… And in LAND OF MILK AND HONEY by Caitlin Starling, ideals and ethics bump heads with appetite on a blood farm.

Three very different stories from three brilliant, distinct voices, but all with one thing in
common: the hunger never stops, and for someone to experience power, many others are going to have to feel pain.

According to the press release, the novellas will be narrated by Erika Ishii (who can currently be seen on the LA By Night: Vampire the Masquerade webseries), Xe Sands, and Neil Kaplan. It’s not clear who will be narrating what.

Vampire: The Masquerade: Walk Among Us comes out June 16.


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