Star Wars: The Clone Wars Writer to Develop Sci-Fi Franchise Dawn of the Paladin

Fans of multi-volume sci-fi sagas should keep an eye out for something called Dawn of the Paladin. Deadline reports that Triton City Entertainment’s Dirk Hoogsta and writer Chris Collins (whose credits include Star Wars: The Clone WarsJohn Wick 3, and The Wire) are currently hard at work writing, on spec, the first movie in a planned four-film series under the title.

“Some of my favorite scripts I’ve written were for Star Wars: The Clone Wars which allowed me to tap a different part of my imagination,” Collins told the outlet. “Dawn of the Paladin presented the same opportunity and has all the raw materials to build a franchise. It’s a sci-fi saga for the next generation.”

Here’s the planned franchise’s synopsis, from Triton City Entertainment’s site:

A small group of peacekeepers called the Paladin protect a remote three planet colony, Vintoo, Salanan and Tscho. The Paladin are led by Loran and Tet, a father and son team who have developed a new fighting style that utilizes skills that can only be mastered by accessing dormant areas of the human brain. They call this skill ‘Jun’ which means ‘The Old Way.’
A new wave of crime has hit the colony. Unusually violent and organized, the leader is a mysterious warlord from a distant planet. His name is Mogul. The criminal organization is called the “Shune” which translates as “All Powerful.” They brought with them advanced weapon technology which creates a challenge for Lena, the Paladin lead science officer. The Paladin are under great pressure from the colony to bring Mogul and The Shune to justice.

You can find more detailed character descriptions, as well as world-building and concept art by Triton City Art Director Paul Weil and Director of Illustration Anthony Macbain, over on the site. There’s no word yet on a release date.


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