Netflix’s The Platform Looks Like High-Rise Meets Snowpiercer, But Set in a Prison

Did you enjoy High-Rise (aka Vertical Snowpiercer) and Snowpiercer (aka Horizontal High-Rise), but thought the symbolism in both was perhaps just a tad too subtle? Then Netflix’s new dystopian horror film, The Platform, just might be the perfect show for you.

Much like the ones featured in Ben Wheatley’s and Bong Joon-ho’s films, The Platform‘s dystopia takes its class segregation to a literal extreme, putting the wealthy at the top and the poor at the bottom of a concrete tower. But whereas the inhabitants of the other two works were free citizens (as much as they could be in a late-capitalistic hellscape, anyway), the denizens in The Platform are prisoners. There are no insect bars to be found here. Instead, all of the prisoners share the same food source—a strangely opulent platter stocked with cakes, lobsters, and other delicacies—with the increasingly ravaged leftovers lowered down level by level through the titular platform. It doesn’t take long before the protagonist, a new arrival trapped somewhere around the middle, decides he’s had enough with this arrangement. And when one day, a body drops through the platform, he decides to travel down with the leftovers (and presumably back up) in an attempt to overthrow the system.

The Platform (El Hoyo in Spanish) is directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. It arrives on Netflix March 20.


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