A Redditor Uncovered Three Hidden Westworld Trailers

From the beginning, Westworld’s companion websites have been a treasure trove of Easter eggs, lore, and other goodies, encouraging fans to solve puzzles and decode seemingly innocuous files for a more interactive viewing experience. For season 3, the website in question is Incite Inc., a mysterious tech company first introduced in a teaser way back in November. As reported by Westworld Watchers, per io9, Reddit user u/MTC_Chickpea went poking around the site to try to grab screencaps from a mysterious new trailer. When the trailer disappeared, they turned on their VPN, and voila! Not one, not two, but three hidden trailers for Westworld season 3.

The first (and goriest), entitled “Free Will is Not Free,” is largely wordless but for a scorched-earth Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) monologue at the very end. Intercut with some Jenny Holzer-lite truisms about reality, independence, death, disruption, and free will are a series of shots promising robot body horror, A Clockwork Orange-esque interrogations, and a terrifying showdown involving a samurai sword-wielding Maeve (Thandie Newton).

The second, entitled “Your World,” has an identical beginning to the official season 3 trailer released last week. But don’t be fooled. It deviates wildly after the halfway point, becoming a Caleb-centric teaser in which Aaron Paul’s new character speculates about his role as the “bad guy.”

The third one is called “When Caleb Meets Dolores.” It’s for everyone who wondered what Westworld would be like if it were more of an upbeat romantic comedy, featuring lines like “I’m just a girl trapped in this mechanical body.”

Westworld season 3 premieres March 15th on HBO.


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