Suburbia Is a Hellish Loop in the New Trailer for Vivarium

We’re all familiar with the certain kind of dull, hellish malaise that hangs over suburban life, with its pedantic grass-height requirements and condiment-colored conformity, but Vivarium takes it to a whole new level. The official UK trailer for the sci-fi thriller dropped today, and whew, is it claustrophobic.

Gemma (Imogen Poots) and Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) are just a young couple on the lookout for a nice, affordable home. Enter the world’s worst real estate agent, who shows them an expansive tract of identical houses all painted the same nauseating green. When they try to leave, however, they find themselves trapped, doomed to drive endlessly through the looping neighborhood or pick a house and settle down. And when a baby arrives in a cardboard box, their nightmare only gets worse.

Vivarium arrives in theaters and on VOD March 27.


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