This Breath of the Wild Fan Film Perfectly Captures the World of Hyrule

Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild nearly three years ago, creating a wonderful, immersive world for players to explore. A new fan film from YouTube channel devinsupertramp, The Blood Moon, perfectly captures the look and feel of the expansive world of Hyrule.

Nintendo released Breath of the Wild for its WiiU and Switch consoles in 2017, and has since become the best-selling entry in the franchise. Critics and gamers alike have hailed the game’s massive open-world and gameplay, and three years later, I’m not only still playing it, but am still finding new places that I’ve never encountered.

The 16-minute fan film is gorgeous tribute to the game: it opens with an elderly Link visiting the grave of Princess Zelda, recalling a battle that he fought against the Yiga Clan that saw her demise. It makes me wonder what a proper feature film based on the game might look like.

What’s most impressive about this short film is the attention to detail. Their shooting location is a dead ringer for the Akkala region  of the game, with its fields and fall-like forests, as well as other locations: the campsites and mountain vistas that are scattered around the game. The characters are also impeccable, from the props and costumes to the Yiga clan members who attack them. The short film is also full of fantastic fight scenes, epic music and nods to Breath of the Wild (Mighty Bananas, anyone?).

The filmmakers also provided a 28-minute behind-the-scenes feature that explores how they came up with the story, and how they utilized the Provo Canyon area of Utah to bring the world of Hyrule to life. At the very least, it’s a nice return to the world while we wait for Nintendo to release the sequel to the game.


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