The Witcher Season 1 Now Has an Official Interactive Timeline

If The Witcher‘s pesky timelines are still making your head spin, you’re in luck: Netflix has released a handy interactive site that officially maps out all of season 1’s time-jumping shenanigans once and for all.

Here’s how it works: At the bottom, you’ll find three color-coded timelines for each of the three leads (orange for Geralt, purple for Yennefer, and green for Ciri), stacked on top of each other and overlaid on a main chronology. They sit beneath an intricate map of the continent, and when you click on certain events, the map will take you to the place where it happened while a pop-up summarizes the episode’s corresponding plotline.

That’s not all. The site is also packed with Easter eggs and lore, including bios for all significant characters and encyclopedia entries for places like Aretuza Academy and Cintra. The events aren’t limited to the show’s chronology, either. You’ll also find details on events that happened way before the main storyline(s), like the Brotherhood of Sorcerers’ drafting of the Laws of Magic and the creation of the very first witcher.

This should keep you occupied until the show returns for season 2. Viewers who had issue with season 1’s multiple timelines will be happy to know that the second season’s storyline will be much easier to keep track of. During a massive AMA on r/Wiedźmin, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich revealed that the plot will “be much more linear” now that the three leads’ respective storylines have “started to intersect.” She added that we can expect “a whole new set of fun characters” as well,” including “other non-humans,” “more witchers,” queer characters, and more.

As for an official release date, Hissrich said that the team has yet to settle on a “target launch date” more specific than 2021. That said, it looks like production is right on schedule. In an Instagram video posted last week, Henry Cavill revealed that pre-production for season 2 will “be starting very shortly.”

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