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Unravel the Mystery: Announcing Daniel Polansky’s The Seventh Perfection

Daniel Polansky—author of Hugo-finalist novella The Builders—returns to Tor.com Publishing in Fall 2020 with The Seventh Perfection, a structurally innovative fantasy puzzle-box that uses a series of character interviews to produce a unique mix of fantasy and mystery.

To become the God-King’s Amanuensis, Manet had to master all seven perfections. She was taught perfect control of her body, her mind, her senses, and most importantly, her memory. She remembers everything that has happened to her, in perfect clarity, a gift that will surely drive her mad. Before she goes, there is one mystery that Manet must unravel. Whose face stares back at her from the locket she received in the mail? That question will pull her through the guts of the God-King’s history, and topple everything she knows as fact.

Praise for The Seventh Perfection: 

“A dazzling puzzle box of a story, The Seventh Perfection surprises, delights, ensorcels, and challenges at every turn. Polansky is his own genre.” —Delilah S. Dawson

“With The Seventh Perfection, Polansky continues to push the fantasy envelope, showing us not only how good the genre can be, but how limitless it is.” —Myke Cole


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