What is the “Foundational Scene” in Stormlight Archive Book 4?

Tor Books recently announced that Brandon Sanderson’s fourth book in the epic Stormlight Archive series would be arriving next November. In the announcement, the author shared one tantalizing hint of what’s to come, saying, “Book four finally gets to one of the foundational scenes I conceived from the beginning. In fact, it might be the very first big scene I imagined, and my favorite in the entire series. A part of me can’t believe people are finally going to be able to read it.”

Today, of course, fan forums are rife with speculation as to what that “big scene” could be. Here are some of our favorite candidates!


1. Whatever it is, it probably doesn’t involve any spren or spren-related activities.

From u/jmcgit:

The 2003 version of the book didn’t have spren, so I don’t expect it would be that. I think it would be one of the major WoK [Way of Kings] Prime characters.

Since Brandon has suggested that Dalinar isn’t as big a focus in this book as he was in Oathbringer or book 5, I’m going to throw in a guess that the “foundational scene” is about Talenel. We know that Taln’s story was a big part of his original plans, but that story has been delayed to later books because the 2003 book was a little too cluttered. It makes sense to me that Brandon would be ready to progress it.


2. Something so cinematic that it could have been the prologue in The Way of Kings?

From u/isupposeilltrythis:

Im thinking Shattered Plains origin story.


3. Something key to the story of the larger Cosmere itself, but so complicated you could see why backstory was needed…

From u/noseonargu17:

Pattern and Sylphrena confess their love for one another and consummate it in the cognitive realm, leading to the birth of the true combination of lies and honor: Hoid. (something something time traveling fetus)


4. Kaladin swears! No, not that kind of swear…

From u/christiankeeney:

Really intrigued to see what the scene is that Brandon is referring to in the article. Thinking it has to be a Dalinar moment since he said it has been in the works since the beginning. Kaladin swearing the 4th ideal could be a candidate too.


And multiple people think it might have something to do with Wit’s epilogue/soliloquy. But who’s to say? In the meantime, leave your fan theories below!


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