Get Geralt-Levels of Swole With Henry Cavill’s Witcher Workout

So we’re going to assume by now you’ve all completed Gideon’s Guide to Getting Galactic Swole, but you can never have enough fantasy workout routines, can you? Fear not: Geralt of Rivia is here to help.

Ahead of The Witcher‘s release next month, Henry Cavill dropped by the Men’s Health office to walk you (yes, you) through the arm and leg workouts he did to get those Roach-sized biceps and hamstrings.

Since we here at HQ are not licensed fitness professionals, we’ll let Cavill and his coach Dave Rienzi do all the talking. (Rienzi also trained The Rock, so you’re in good hands.) But also: This is clearly an advanced workout for a very specific body-type, so do not attempt at home or without a licensed trainer!

(Not really a workout person? That’s okay. Feel free to feast your eyes instead upon the best biceps in fantasy.)

Welcome to the Gun Show: The Best Biceps in Fantasy

In other Witcher-related news, Netflix has already renewed the show for season two. In the meantime, see if you can deduce season one’s plotline from the enigmatic episode titles and synopses released last week (Hint: Most of them are from The Last Wish.) or have showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and executive producer Tomasz “Tomek” Bagiński walk you through some key moments in the trailer.

The Witcher arrives on Netflix December 20.


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