Third Walking Dead Show Reveals Title With New Teaser |

Third Walking Dead Show Reveals Title With New Teaser

After dropping an enigmatic first teaser, then a full-length trailer, AMC has finally revealed the title for its new Walking Dead spin-off: World Beyond. The network also dropped a brand-new teaser showing a key character who ties into emerging plot-lines on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. 

Possible spoilers ahead for season 10 of TWD and season 5 FTWD, so tread lightly. 

Here’s some zombie-sized spoiler space.



















The new teaser starts off by covering some of the same material as the previous clips: Set 10 years after the events of The Walking Dead, the show follows a ragtag band of teens, raised in a gated community, who set off to find themselves in the greater zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world. We see them killing Walkers, bonding while setting things on fire, and y’know, surviving. But it’s the last 10 seconds where things really start to get interesting, revealing a major call-back to the mysterious three-ring symbol that’s started popping up on the other two shows.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond arrives on AMC next spring.


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