Doctor Who Season 12 Has Finished Filming, Possible Trailer to Arrive This Saturday

And that’s a wrap! Doctor Who season 12 has officially finished filming. The BBC tweeted the announcement on Tuesday along with some quick behind-the-scenes footage of the Thirteenth Doctor and gang.

There’s no word yet on an exact release date, but back in December 2018, the BBC confirmed the series would air “very early in 2020.” We’ll likely find out more on Saturday, when something (likely a teaser or trailer) drops on the show’s official Twitter account.

Plot details, of course, have been kept mostly under wraps. In May, however, the BBC revealed that Judoon, who first appeared in the 10th Doctor episode “Smith and Jones” will be making a comeback in season 12. This leads us to think that we’ll be seeing a lot more aliens and monsters in the Thirteenth Doctor’s second season, and we have some ideas for others we’d like to return.

In other wibbly wobbly timey wimey news, two more seasons of Doctor Who have been confirmed. In October, HBO announced that all existing 11 seasons will land on the network’s new streaming site, HBO Max, “with an additional three seasons to come.” Season 13 and 14 will continue to air on BBC America, but it’s unclear if they’ll air concurrently on HBO Max or will be available to stream in full after they finish airing. It’s currently unknown if Jodie Whittaker (sorry, that’s Dr. Jodie Whittaker) will be reprising her role for these seasons, or if the Doctor will regenerate a fourteenth time.



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