Doctor Sleep Sequel Hallorann Already in Development, But May Not Make the Big Screen

Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, had its own sequel in the works, but that might be scrapped now.

According to Collider, Warner Bros. had commissioned a script from Doctor Sleep writer/director Mike Flanagan, titled Hallorann.

The follow-up would follow the character of Dick Hallorann, who appears in both The Shining and Doctor Sleep. Further plot details are unknown, but one imagines the movie would either be a prequel that focuses on how Hallorann discovered he had “the shining” or a sequel, in which Hallorann’s ghostly presence haunted the world.

Collider posits that this sequel may not make it out of development, due to the poor performance of Doctor Sleep during its opening weekend. The Hollywood Reporter suggested that Doctor Sleep, with its high-profile pedigree and positive early reviews, had been expected to earn $25-30 million, but instead opened with a disappointing $14.1 million.


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