Homestuck Is Officially Back…as Homestuck^2


Three years after the conclusion (more or less) of Homestuck, Andrew Hussie’s wildly popular meta webcomic epic is back. A brand-new continuation of the canonical Homestuck storyline, called Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon, dropped on Friday.

The announcement came courtesy of the official Homestuck Twitter, who simply tweeted, “surprise bitch,” along with the link.

So what’s Homestuck 2 about? Glad you asked! There’s a very comprehensive FAQ on the website that tackles this, and other, burning inquiries, but we’ll give you the TL;DR: According to the site, Homestuck^2 is an “official fanonization” that’s an “extension to the ‘canonical’ Homestuck storyline, beginning immediately after the Homestuck Epilogues.” What this means is it’s based on a story and full outline written by Andrew Hussie, but also contains fan art and writing.

Here’s the project’s writing team:

  • Led by Kate Mitchell (The SCP Foundation)
  • Aysha U. Farah (Homestuck EpiloguesHiveswap Friendsim)
  • Lalo Hunt (Homestuck EpiloguesHiveswap Friendsim)
  • Pip Dillistone
  • optimisticDuelist

Meanwhile, Homestuck contributor Xamag will lead the art team. Homestuck^2 will have one update and one bonus update per month. For more details, as well as a more in-depth explanation of Homestuck^2‘s approach to canon and fan-fiction, check out the full FAQ.


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