The World Goes Haywire in the First Trailer for Amazon’s The Feed

Amazon has debuted a trailer for its upcoming series, The Feed, based on Nick Clark Windo’s 2018 novel by the same title. Set in the nearish future, it depicts a world that’s been entirely connected by an advanced communications network—and the chaos that ensues when it collapses.

In Windo’s future, “the Feed” allows anyone in the world to telepathically communicate their thoughts, emotions, and vision with anyone else in the world. While he’s the son of one of the system’s inventors, Tom has resisted becoming addicted to it.

The Feed looks like a big advance over the internet that we use today: People share what they’re seeing with one another, like exhilarating moments or births or change their appearances or surrounding environments.

The trailer for the series has a real Black Mirror vibe, showing off a series that promises to be a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of advanced technologies. Those pitfalls become apparent when something happens to The Feed—lights go out, and it seems to be “causing erratic, violent behavior” in its users, who begin to turn on one another. In the case of Tom (played by Guy Burnet), his lack of dependency on the system seems to be keeping his mind intact.

The Feed premieres on Amazon Prime Video on November 22nd.


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