Hopefully Ryan Reynolds is Meeting With Marvel Studios for a Deadpool Phase 4 Cameo (With Spider-Man?)

Is Marvel gearing up for a Deadpool cameo in Phase 4? As reported by Collider, Ryan Reynolds recently tweeted a photo of his visit to Marvel Studios. While his caption was as airily non-committal as ever, it would actually make a lot of sense for the Merc with a Mouth to show up in the MCU.

Especially with Deadpool’s long-lost love Spider-Man also cameo-ing in Phase 4.

Since Deadpool 3 still quite a ways away, a short and sweet cameo in one of the upcoming Phase 4 entries would be very satisfying in the meantime. Plus, with Spider-Man having recently been snapped out of the MCU and then de-snapped, this would be the perfect time for those two red-suited lifemates to cross paths. (Besides, it’s not like Marvel Comics itself has been platonically shipping them hardcore or anything, for decades.)

Deadpool volume 3 #10

Credit: Deadpool volume 3 #10 Art: Mike Hawthorne

It’s already confirmed that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, in addition to completing the Spider-Man trilogy, will show up in one more MCU movie as part of Marvel and Sony’s new deal. Now, it’s just a matter of figuring out which one.

Back in September, we went through a list of possible contenders in Phase 4 (and Phase 5!), and we’ve come to the conclusion that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (May 7, 2021) is the likeliest choice. Not only do Dr. Strange and Spidey share a “fun, prickly chemistry” in the comics, but the Multiverse premise opens up the possibility for a bunch of cameos that would normally be seen as too out-there, including all the different Spiderfolks in Into the Spider-Verse. Now throw Deadpool in the mix, and imagine all the banter that would ensue.

As long as we’re shipping Peters, let’s get Deadpool 2‘s Peter into that there Marvel Cinematic Universe. He deserves it.

Deadpool 2 Peter skydiving

Screenshot: Fox


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