Release Date For The Dragon Prince Season 3 Announced at NYCC!

The Dragon Prince came to New York Comic Con to share their season three release date, and future show plans! Here’s what they had to say…

First up, the release date for season three! It’s sooner than anyone could have guessed, ready to premiere on November 22nd, 2019. And Netflix had some sweet posters to show off with it:

Ezran is wearing the crown! THIS IS NOT A DRILL, EZRAN HAS HIS CROWN. Also, Rayla is wearing a pendant that’s reminiscent of Runaan’s (who fans were promised they would learn more about in the upcoming season), so that’s bound to be important.

Also, that dragon. Whoa.

The audiences was given the chance to ask questions, including the biggest one on everyone’s mind—how long is the series going to be? It turns out that there’s a plan for seven seasons, provided the show is given the chance to play through to conclusion.

There’s another type of dragon as well! Not set to show up in this coming season, unfortunately, but the show’s creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond announced that there is an Earth dragon that will show up later in the story. (There’s also a lot of merchandise incoming, TDP fans, so get ready.) It was also revealed that they have a story planned around who Callum’s biological father was, and what happened to him.

Big things are afoot! Keep spreading the Dragon Prince love—the creators know about the #GiveUsTheSaga hashtag campaign, and they were delighted.

The Dragon Prince season three will premiere on November 22nd on Netflix.


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