Damon Lindelof Screens Watchmen Pilot and Introduces a Very Special Guest at NYCC 2019!

New York Comic-Con-goers were treated to an early look at HBO’s Watchmen! Damon Lindelof introduced a screening of the pilot of his adaptation, and was joined by the cast after the episode aired.

The show will be a follow-up to the events of the comic, with Regina King playing the character Sister Knight, Hong Chau as trillionaire Lady Trieu, Tim Blake Nelson as Looking Glass, Louis Gossett, Jr. as Will Reeves, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Cal Abar, and Jean Smart as Detective Laurie…Blake. Who just maybe used to have a different last name/alter ego.

Plus, Jeremy Irons is here playing…well, the most obvious person he could possibly be playing, we’re guessing.

(You know, it rhymes with Shmozyshmandias.)

Lindelof told the crowd that he read his first issues when he was 13, and that he considers the HBO series to be “a very expensive bit of fanfic.”

Here’s a very brief summation of the pilot:

And if you’re asking, “Why Watchmen, why now?” Lindelof has a pretty good reason:

Regina King’s script was illustrated with a drawing of her as her character!

Louis Gossett, Jr. chimed in on his superheroic influences:

Luckily Tim Blake Nelson got out of rescuing aliens and was able to participate in the show:

And as a special surprise, Lindelof welcomed Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons to the stage at the panel’s end!

Gibbons went on to talk about the “terrible appeal” of a character like Rorschach, and praised Lindelof’s approach to the material.

The show’s arc will be complete in one nine-episode season, but the team is open to returning to the world in further seasons if fan reaction warrants.

We’ll all be getting an opportunity to watch the Watchmen when it hits HBO on October 20th!



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