The Full Trailer for His Dark Materials Promises a Dark Epic and an Angry Polar Bear

The new trailer for HBO’s adaptation of His Dark Materials is as epic as we hoped! The action-packed clip focuses on the Magisterium’s attempts to silence Lord Asriel, gives us a fleeting glimpse of an airship, and makes way for a very annoyed polar bear. It also features some of the most dramatic moments we’ve seen yet from Lin Manuel Miranda’s Lee Scoresby.

Click through for the full trailer!


We’re so excited for this show! James McAvoy is suitably dashing/furious as Lord Asriel, Ruth Wilson is already popping up in our nightmares, and Dafne Keen clearly knows her way around an alethiometer. Plus, look how pissed Lee Scoresby is:

Screenshot: HBO

But still a question remains: who is doing Iorek’s voice???

His Dark Materials will premiere on Monday, November 4th on HBO.


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