Fan-Made Recreation of Missing Doctor Who Episode Premieres on BBC and YouTube


A BBC-approved fan-made recreation of the lost Doctor Who episode, “Mission to the Unknown,” is now up on YouTube!

You can watch it after the jump.

Original article:

Announced by, this production of “Mission to the Unknown” was recreated by a team of students and staff of the University of Central Lancashire.

The project was masterminded by Andrew Ireland, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Digital and Creative Industries at the UCLAN, and brought together a dedicated group of students from a wide range of disciplines including film and television, acting, fashion, music, design and dance to recreate the episode from the original script as authentically as possible, carefully researching and reproducing 1960s production techniques to achieve the classic look of the series.

“Mission to the Unknown” is one of the only standalone episodes in the franchise, but it also serves as a prelude to The Daleks’ Master Plan arc from season three of Classic Who. In “Mission,” the Doctor and his companions aren’t present, but rather Space Security Agent Marc Cory, who tries to escape the planet Kembel and warm Earth of the Daleks’ plan.

The recreation of “Mission to the Unknown” will premiere on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel on October 9 at 5:50 p.m. BST (that’s 12:50 p.m. ET/9:50 a.m. PT)—exactly 54 years to the minute the episode originally broadcast in the UK.

via [Doctor Who/BBC]


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