Listen to an Audio Excerpt From Jennifer Giesbrecht’s Dark Fantasy The Monster of Elendhaven |

Listen to an Audio Excerpt From Jennifer Giesbrecht’s Dark Fantasy The Monster of Elendhaven

  • More Chapters from The Monster of Elendhaven:
  • Chapter 1 - September 30, 2019

Debut author Jennifer Giesbrecht paints a darkly compelling fantasy of revenge in The Monster of Elendhaven, a story about murder, a monster, and the magician who loves both. Audiobook narrator Daniel Henning gives life to the cold and cunning monster Johann, and lends the perfect devilish voice to Florian, Johann’s frail master. You might say that Johann and Florian are a match made in… hell?

The audiobook is chilling and full of dark humor, and it’s the perfect listen as the chilling winds of Fall start to creep in. If you want to hear the story that Joe Hill called “a black tide of perversity, violence, and lush writing,” listen to an excerpt from The Monster of Elendhaven! Don’t blame us if you get nightmares of a tall, murderous Thing with a name…

The city of Elendhaven sulks on the edge of the ocean. Wracked by plague, abandoned by the South, stripped of industry and left to die. But not everything dies so easily. A thing without a name stalks the city, a thing shaped like a man, with a dark heart and long pale fingers yearning to wrap around throats. A monster who cannot die. His frail master sends him out on errands, twisting him with magic, crafting a plan too cruel to name, while the monster’s heart grows fonder and colder and more cunning.

These monsters of Elendhaven will have their revenge on everyone who wronged the city, even if they have to burn the world to do it.


The Monster of Elendhaven is available now from Publishing.
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