Five Wheel of Time Fan Podcasts to Plug Into

It’s pretty safe to say there’s no shortage of fandom content for Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. Trust us, we’ve seen it all—art, fanfic, games, t-shirts, jewelry, cosplay, and everything else you could possibly think of. Like any good fandom, Wheel of Time fans put in the work to show just how much they love their favorite series. And that includes spending hours poring over the details, working through themes both large and small, finding holes in the plot to poke at, and going over every little decision their favorite character has made.

Podcasting offers the perfect way for fans to share their enthusiasm in a more engaging way—listening to a great literary podcast feels like hanging out with your friends and talking about your favorite books, exploring the stories we hold so dear. And as the television adaptation draws nearer, more and more readers are finding and rediscovering The Wheel of Time. Good news is, with these podcasts, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re new to the series, coming back to it after a long time away, or maybe re-reading it for the millionth time, there’s a podcast to connect to. Here are five great discussion-style podcasts for you to get your geek on with.


Everybody Hates Rand

Everybody Hates Rand (and they do, in a very comedic way, and with full disclosure that ‘everybody’ here means the hosts and their cat—don’t DM them) is hosted by two English majors, Emily Juchau and Sally Goodger. Emily has read the series multiple times, while Sally is only reading this for the first time—therefore providing two differing perspectives on the material. While the chat style of this podcast means the conversation can often meander off the topic of the Wheel of Time, Emily and Sally are fun hosts that make you feel like you’re with friends. They go over the books about two chapters at a time, discuss other media alongside, and go into news about the television show. It’s great if you like a little laughter with your literary analysis, and if you, like Emily and Sally, are not part of the Rand fan club.


The Dragon Reread

Hosts Jeff, Micah, and Alice have all read the Wheel of Time before, all with varying sentimental ties to the series. These hosts are a little older and a little bit more structured, and are not afraid to be critical of the text while still loving it and having fun with their re-read. They go through each chapter clearly, giving a nice recap before they get into their analysis. Each of these hosts has something listeners to connect to, no matter how familiar you are with the series. This is especially good if you like feeling like you’re sitting around a table with friends, maybe with a glass of wine, like a proper book club.


The White Tower

The White Tower podcast is done by two internet friends, Jenn and Jess, and perfectly encapsulates the joy of connecting with fellow nerds online. While their recaps are told in a colloquial, casual way which sets the tone of the podcast from the start, they can be a little difficult to follow along with if you haven’t also read the books, or aren’t reading along with them. But their style is super casual and easy to follow along with, and listeners will want to be friends with Jenn and Jess too. This is a great one for Millennial & Gen Z readers since they take a look at the books through a modern lens.


The Legendarium

The Legendarium Podcast has gone through several rereads of famous texts in addition to The Wheel of Time series, including the works of CS Lewis, Terry Pratchett, Patrick Rothfuss, and of course, Tolkien. Run by a group of hosts, Craig, Ryan, Kyle, and Kenn, each with varying degrees of familiarity with the work. The great thing about this podcast is that these hosts have a history of analysis of great texts, specifically fantasy texts, so listeners can also jump around and check out this group’s thoughts about other things they love too.


Randland Wheel of Time TV Podcast

Unique among these, Randland has staked their claim as the go-to place for discussion of the upcoming television adaptation of the series. Hosts Jay, Andrew, and others go through news about casting, production, filming locations, potential changes from the source material, and more as bits and pieces are released into the world—with the addition of their predictions and other fan predictions as well. There is an assumption here that listeners are fans of the books, but it’s great for those who are just getting into it now that the show has been announced. Randland is a “watch this space” podcast—once episodes start airing, you’ll want to return to this one over and over.


There are many more Wheel of Time fan podcasts out there to explore—be sure to suggest your favorites in the comments!


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