Showtime Is No Longer Developing the Kingkiller Chronicle TV Show |

Showtime Is No Longer Developing the Kingkiller Chronicle TV Show

Looks like the Kingkiller Chronicle TV show is looking for a new home. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the series’ producers are shopping it around to different networks after Showtime released the rights back to Lionsgate Television.

While the show is based on Patrick Rothfuss‘ ongoing fantasy trilogy, it isn’t a direct adaptation. According to THR, it’s actually an “origin story” set “a generation” before book 1, The Name of the Wind, and is supposed to be a tie-in to a feature film that will take on the contents of the books.

Both Showtime and Lionsgate refused to comment for THR‘s story, so it’s not clear why the network passed on the series, and it appears as though everything else is still going according to plan. Leverage creator John Rogers will write the pilot and act as showrunner while executive producing with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patrick Rothfuss himself, Robert Lawrence, and Jennifer Court. Miranda will also be scoring the series (and we still think it’d be really freaking cool if the Kingkiller Chronicle ended up being a musical).

While the Showtime pass is certainly discouraging, the crew seems pretty happy with the show they have in development. Back in April, Rothfuss (who’s still hard at work on Kingkiller book 3) heaped praise on the team.

“The TV show is always sort of a source of unexpected delight,” Rothfuss said in an interview for The Barnes & Noble Podcast, per Newsweek. “I have such respect for the writers’ room that they’ve put together, really genuinely lovely people.”

Meanwhile, Rogers said in an interview on the Daydrinking with Gary & Elliot podcast that the first Lin-Manuel Miranda song for the show made his assistant cry, and in May, he announced on Twitter that he’d wrapped up the first draft of the season one.


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