Watch the Latest Trailer for HBO’s Watchmen Series

HBO just dropped a new trailer for its upcoming reimagining-or-perhaps-sequel series to Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel Watchmen, which is set to debut on October 20.

It’s hard to pin down exactly what this series will be about. It’s described by HBO as a “modern day reimagining” of the original story. Earlier trailers have shown off police officers on the job wearing masks, who are contending with a new group of masked vigilantes that seem to be inspired by Rorschach.

Then again, previous trailers have given us glimpses of the modern day that seem to imply that the events of the original Watchmen graphic novel actually did occur, solidifying the faithless and consolidated U.S. that we see in the trailers for the show. (President-For-Life Robert Redford, anyone?)

As we see in this latest trailer, this latest series takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma and chronicles a series of vigilante attacks and the police efforts to stop them. We get a bit more of Regina King’s character Angela Abar, who dons a mask to take the fight directly to criminals on the street. The trailer also hints at a larger mission from which the vigilante group— named The Cavalry in this trailer—seems to be working towards.

And is that Night Owl’s ship tumbling out of the sky?

Finally, waiting in the wings as ever is master manipulator Adrian Veidt, noticeably older than his counterpart in the original graphic novel.

The series will debut next month on October 20th.


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