Explore Carnival Row With This Official RPG While You Wait For Season 2

Amazon’s Carnival Row has garnered some mixed reviews since it premiered last mont, but we really enjoyed it — a thoughtful Victorian drama that examines themes of racial inequality and colonialism. Prior to its debut, Amazon announced that it had renewed the series for a second season, meaning that those who enjoyed the first eight episodes will have something to look forward to.

But it’ll be a while before that next season begins streaming. Fortunately, those who enjoyed the show will be able to keep returning: Nerdist partnered with Amazon, Legendary Television and Monte Cook Games to produce an official RPG rulebook that uses the Cypher RPG System, which you can download for free.

The 36-page rulebook outlines a broad set of rules, allowing players to create Human, Faerie, Faun, Trow, Centaur, Kobold, and Marrok characters as they navigate the world. The book also provides some interesting background material on the world — delving a bit into the history and culture of the two worlds and the societies that inhabit them. There’s also some additional information about the Burgue and its inhabitants — including characters from the game, should you want to incorporate them into a game that you play on your own.

Additionally, Nerdist created a series of their own characters, outlining their creation in a video. They’re also included in the book.

The book isn’t as exhaustive as a proper RPG guidebook: it’s a novel promotional tie-in that makes sense, given the immersive world that the series presents viewers. But, it’s enough for curious fans and gamers to play around with the setting while they wait for the next season to roll around.


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