This Lord of the Rings Fan-Comic by Molly Ostertag is the Perfect Post-Credits Scene

Yeah, we know that Return of the King had 17 endings but there was still one ending that seemed to be missing entirely. An exchange between Frodo and Sam that, in this day and age, would make a perfect post-credits scene.

But it was always in our heads until last week, when artist/writer/graphic novelist Molly Ostertag gifted the whole entire internet with a fan-comic that perfectly realizes what a lot of us here in the office tend to think and talk about after marathoning all 11+ hours of Peter Jackson’s trilogy.

“I woke up after marathoning Lord of the Rings and could not do anything else until I drew this,” she wrote on Twitter. The ensuing six-part comic picks up after Frodo leaves Middle-earth for The Undying Lands with Gandalf and co., and well, just see for yourself.

We’ve included the first three parts up above, and you should head over to Ostertag’s Twitter for the deeply emotional conclusion (seriously, don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Molly Ostertag is the author of several graphic novels, including the award-winning The Witch Boy and its sequel, The Hidden Witch. She also draws the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist, written by Brennan Lee Mulligan, and is a writer on the upcoming Disney show The Owl House, airing in 2020.


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