Listen to a Wheel of Time Fan’s Opening Theme for the Upcoming TV Series

Amazon is turning Robert Jordan’s classic fantasy epic The Wheel of Time into a major streaming series, and like all shows, it’ll likely come with an opening credits theme. Expectations are high, considering that The Wheel of Time’s thematic television predecessor Game of Thrones, created such an ear worm of an opening theme. One composer in particular is wondering what may spring forth; so much so that he decided to create his own rendition of the theme, with help from the Budapest Orchestra.

The composer is Nikhil Koparkar, a Los Angeles-based musician who’s worked on a variety of film and television projects in recent years, including the score for a forthcoming fantasy film called The Candle and The Curse.

Koparkar explained to that he discovered Jordan’s series shortly after Amazon announced that it was adapting the books, and blew through the entire 14-volume epic. “The incredible world Robert Jordan has created, combined with the epic and perilous journey of Moiraine, Rand, Matt, Perrin, Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne and [company] is such a wellspring of inspiration,” he explained. “I was poring over The Eye Of The World and the maps when the melodic idea for this theme struck me.”

He says that the composition came together quickly, and he hired the Budapest Orchestra to bring it to life. “There’s just something about an orchestra playing with passion and intensity that nothing else can achieve,” he explained.

Koparkar noted that he’s been a longtime fan of the music for other fantasy epics, like Howard Shore’s score for Lord of the Rings. “It was definitely an inspiration in that sense when writing this piece of music.” He pointed to the numerous themes and character arcs present within the series, noting that it provided plenty of inspiration for his own rendition. His main goal, he says, was to “express musically the idea of the reluctant hero’s journey, as well as emphasize the cyclical and timeless nature of The Wheel Of Time.”


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