The End is Nigh! The Good Place Season 4 Premiere Date Announced

NBC’s The Good Place has announced the premiere date of its fourth and final season!

The TV show took to Twitter for the announcement and posted a video. In it, Kristen Bell is reading On What Matters,ย Vol 1 by Derek Parfit when a note is slipped under the door.

Note: Spoilers ahead (and in the comments) for The Good Place season 3.

The Good Place, which has been following the evolution of Eleanor Shellstrop from “Arizona trash bag” to morally grounded and considerate soul, left Eleanor and her compatriots Chidi, Tahani, sweet dumb Jason, Janet, and reformed demon Michael essentially in charge of an experiment that will determine if the “point system” that determines whether someone deserves damnation (The Bad Place) or salvation (The Good Place) is fundamentally flawed.

This scene explains it well.

Meaning that, in the end, a “legit snack” who knows at least three different ways to put out a vodka fire may determine the existential fate of all humans that ever have and will exist.

Season 4 is going to be tense.

If you’re curious what Kristen Bell is reading in the promo, the book is Volume 1 of On What Matters by Derek Parfit. In this initial volume, Parfit introduces a moral theory that combines three traditional philosophies. Parfit’s “Triple Theory” states as follows.

An act is wrong if and only if, or just when, such acts are disallowed by some principle that is:

  1. one of the principles whose being universal laws would make things go best,

  2. one of the only principles whose being universal laws everyone could rationally will….

  3. a principle that no one could reasonably reject.

Is Eleanor figuring out how to construct a new Good Place? Dare we say…The Better Place?

This incredible show returns on September 26, 2019.


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