Bean and Luci Go to Hell in the Disenchantment Season 2 Trailer

Matt Groenig’s Futurama-esque epic fantasy Disenchantment is coming back in just two weeks, and Netflix just dropped a brand new trailer for season two.

(Spoilers ahead for season 1 of Disenchantment, so click at your own peril.) 

But first, some friendly spoiler space!





Doesn’t it feel nice to be so spoiler-free?





Happy Thursday!

Season two picks up right where season one left off. When we last saw Princess Bean and co., her real mom Dagmar had turned pretty much all the denizens of Dreamland into cold, hard stone. Meanwhile, because Bean chose to de-stone Dagmar instead of saving Elfo, everyone’s favorite sweet-toothed elf sadly succumbed to his fatal arrow injury.

Luckily, Elfo isn’t gone for good. In the trailer, it looks like he’s happily chilling in Heaven, where he gets a call from an overjoyed Bean. To reuinte with Elfo, as well as save the citizens of Dreamland, Luci and Bean have to go to…dun dun dun…Hell.

Disenchantment returns to Netflix on September 20.


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