800 Panicked Questions We Have About Spider-Man No Longer Being in the MCU

New York’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As reported by Deadline, Sony and Disney have failed to reach new agreement terms after months of negotiations and have essentially nixed producer Kevin Feige and Marvel’s involvement from further Spider-Man films.

So we just have a few questions, the first one being How dare you?

Okay, we have a few more questions, forget the first one. We’ll just leave them here:

  1. What does this mean for future Spider-Man solo films? What will they be allowed to reference? Would you have to omit any mention of the previous films? Tony Stark’s entire dad role? All of Peter’s development up until this point?
  2. Does this put a kibosh on any of Marvel’s Phase 4 or 5 plans? There were heavy rumors that Norman Osborn was going to be a big hitter villain in upcoming MCU films, but they can’t use him if he still lives with Sony…
  4. Does Spider-Man have to be recast now? This already happened to poor Andrew Garfield, and we have grown very attached to Tom Holland and you know—
  5. Since Sony only has access to certain characters on the Spider-Man roster, we ostensibly get to keep some of the familiar faces like MJ and Aunt May J. Jonah Jameson, but Ned was Miles Morales’s buddy in the comics, so is he not part of that deal? Who else do we lose? (Particularly on the villains side of things?)
  6. Is Tom Holland Spidey allowed to be in big team-up MCU films due to the original deal that Sony and Marvel Studios made when they grafted him into the MCU via Captain America: Civil War?
  7. Will the MCU explain Peter’s sudden absence due to the post-credits tag at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, aka “he’s been unmasked, he has to not hero anymore from the disgrace”?
  8. Who is going to be the surrogate big brother that Morgan Stark-Potts needs?
  9. HOW DARE YOU?!?
  10. Does this mean that Happy Hogan and Aunt May’s burgeoning romance is definitely on ice now?
  11. The next solo film with Spider-Man will now have to feature Venom, won’t it? How is that gonna work? Because the current Spidey seems a little young for this particular Venom’s antics…
  12. Is this just a publicity stunt to freak everyone out and make one side of these negotiations cave? Disney is asking for a lot of money in the deal, which seems silly given that they own practically everything now, but that also gives them all the power.
  13. Who will hold us as the darkness closes in?
  14. Will this have any bearing on the upcoming Spiderverse titles that are in the works?
  15. Why do these things always happen to Peter Parker?
  16. We’re sorry, we just have a few more questions, it’s just

HOW  DARE   YO U??!?


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