New Trailer Reveals Star Wars: Resistance Will End After Season Two. But Did It Have To?

Lucasfilm dropped a new trailer for the second season of Star Wars: Resistance earlier today, announcing that the new season will also be the show’s last!

For those who need a refresher: The Resistance animated series is set about six months before the events of The Force Awakens and eventually crosses over with that film’s timeline.

The new trailer shows the tension within the Resistance as Kazuda and crew aboard the Colossus try to find shelter and avoid capture from the First Order. Meanwhile, viewers are also shown Tam’s further involvement with the First Order. Complete with fantastic beasts, multiple intergalactic battles and familiar faces from the live-action movies, the trailer seems to hint at one final showdown between The First Order and the Resistance. (Or at least, one more significant showdown pre-The Last Jedi.)

Back when Resistance first premiered, series producer Justin Ridge gave context to the timeline of the show, telling Syfy that “we have to see how the First Order is building up.” Is this final season of Resistance, then, due to the show’s story running out naturally as The Rise of Skywalker approaches? Or is the show ending because Disney is consolidating all of its Star Wars stuff onto the Disney+ streaming platform, like it seemed to be doing with all of Marvel’s Netflix shows? If so, might we see the Resistance characters again in a different kind of show? Ultimately, does Resistance really have to conclude, or could it start up again post-Skywalker?

The final season of Star Wars: Resistance will air on October 6th on the Disney Channel and Disney Now.


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