Orbit Reveals the Title/Cover of Book 3 in Fonda Lee’s Green Bone Saga (After Some Great Fan Suggestions)

Orbit Books has revealed the cover and title for the final book in World Fantasy Award winner Fonda Lee‘s Green Bone Saga, and it’s called…*drumroll please*…Jade Legacy!

The cover design is by Lisa Marie Pompilio, who gifts readers with a delightful teal/purple take on the art of Jade City (green) and Jade War (red).  Here’s the book’s synopsis, from Orbit:

Jade, the mysterious and magical substance once exclusive to the Green Bone warriors of Kekon, is now known and coveted throughout the world. Everyone wants access to the supernatural abilities it provides, from traditional forces such as governments, mercenaries, and criminal kingpins, to modern players, including doctors, athletes, and movie studios. As the struggle over the control of jade grows ever larger and more deadly, the Kaul family, and the ancient ways of the Kekonese Green Bones, will never be the same.

The Kauls have been battered by war and tragedy. They are plagued by resentments and old wounds as their adversaries are on the ascent and their country is riven by dangerous factions and foreign interference that could destroy the Green Bone way of life altogether. As a new generation arises, the clan’s growing empire is in danger of coming apart.

The clan must discern allies from enemies, set aside aside bloody rivalries, and make terrible sacrifices… but even the unbreakable bonds of blood and loyalty may not be enough to ensure the survival of the Green Bone clans and the nation they are sworn to protect.

Before the reveal, Orbit took to Twitter to ask fans what their predictions for the title would be. While we think Jade Legacy is an excellent name to wrap up the series, here are our favorite runners-up:

“48600179”by rhythmism917 is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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