J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr. Team-up for Superhero Shared Universe Comic The Resistance

A new shared superhero universe is making its way to comics, as the result of a team-up between J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Sense 8)  and artist Mike Deodato Jr (Original Sin, Savage Avengers).

The two will be working together on The Resistance, a new series for the Artists, Writers & Artisans comic publishing house, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The six issue series is set in the wake of a global pandemic which kills hundreds of millions, but also leaves a percentage of survivors with superpowers. The comic will deal with these individuals coming to terms with their powers as well as the aftermath of the event.

Said Straczynski, “What Axel and I did in beginning this process was to ask, long before we dialed into individual stories [was] ‘What’s the paradigm now? Where are we as a people, a country, a world, and what stories do we need to hear not just to entertain but to ennoble and uplift?’ We wanted to give readers, especially millennials, something that would impart a measure of hope without undue cotton candy while confronting dead-on the real challenges we face as a people.”

The Resistance is scheduled to launch in Spring 2020.


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