Is the She-Ra Universe Expanding?

HUGE spoilers abound for season 3 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, so don’t even THINK about clicking through if you haven’t seen it yet. Netflix is that-a-away.

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A LOT happened in the latest season of She-Ra, which dropped on Netflix August 2. Although it was only six episodes long, there were portals, adventures in the Crimson Wastes, new characters, foiled sacrifices, family squabbles, alternate realities, baddies going good, and the reveal of two major origin stories. The first is that Adora isn’t an Etherian at all, but rather a First One who was kidnapped through a portal by the Horde. The second is that Hordak is actually a botched clone of Horde Prime,  who’s now located his “little brother” and is heading straight for Etheria.

So what does this mean for season 4? Well, we’re likely going to see all sorts of show-downs between our heroes and our new mega-villain. It could also mean that we’ll be exploring the She-Ra universe way beyond Etheria.

In an interview with io9, Noelle Stevenson implied (although didn’t state outright) that next season just might involve trips to (or ambassadors from) other planets:

I think that we throw a lot of really big status quo out the window. Not only is Angela gone, which is obviously going to have huge implications for Glimmer and for the whole rebellion and the Horde, but we’ve only been focused on Etheria so far. There haven’t been any other planets or intergalactic visitors. There is this much, much bigger conflict going on outside this hidden empty dimension that they’re in.

There is so much ground still to cover with what that actually means. That’s going to be what the next season about. We want to push our characters out of their comfort zone…I can’t go much deeper than that. But what I can say is the way that all of this plays out is so epic. The characters’ relationships are going to change, their relationshIp to the world is going to change, and we’re going to see so much more in the future.

Head on over to io9 to read the full interview.


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