Revealing Prosper’s Demon by K.J. Parker

We’re thrilled to reveal the cover for Prosper’s Demon, a new fantasy novella from K.J. Parker coming in January 2020 from Publishing.

Prosper’s Demon publishes January 28, 2020.

In a botched demonic extraction, they say the demon feels it ten times worse than the man. But they don’t die, and we do. Equilibrium.

The unnamed and morally questionable narrator is an exorcist with great follow-through and few doubts. His methods aren’t delicate but they’re undeniably effective: he’ll get the demon out—he just doesn’t particularly care what happens to the person.

Prosper of Schanz is a man of science, determined to raise the world’s first philosopher-king, reared according to the purest principles. Too bad he’s demonically possessed.

Cover art: Sam Weber; Cover design: Christine Foltzer



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