It: Chapter Two Will Have Clown-Only Screenings

Great news for those of you itching for a more, uh, immersive horror experience than simply watching It: Chapter Two on the big screen! Come September, you’ll have the chance to watch the movie in a theater stuffed head to toe with Pennywises. That’s right: Alamo Drafthouse is bringing back its clowns-only screenings for part deux of Stephen King’s coulrophobic masterpiece.

If you do choose to subject yourself to this, though, you’ll have to really commit. Official word from Alamo Drafthouse says patrons of their clown-specific screenings will have to show up in full clown regalia. That means greasepaint, horrendous onesies decked out in primary colors, an infestation of pom-poms, ill-fitting shoes, and wigs. Bonus points (we’re assuming) if you can sneak in an ancient soul-eating cosmic entity, as well.

Unfortunately, only clowns in 17 locations will be able to enjoy It with their horn-honking compatriots. For the full list of clown-only screenings, as well as inspo from the wildly successful  It: Chapter One clownfests, click here.

It: Chapter Two opens September 6.


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