The First Trailer for Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse Is Here

Fans of living deliciously rejoice! The first trailer for The Lighthouse, The Witch director Robert Eggers’ second feature film, is finally here.

Like Eggers’ first movie, The Lighthouse looks to be a terrifically moody horror twist on old folklore. Whereas The Witch got its inspiration from New England folk tales, centering around an exiled Puritan family getting maybe-terrorized by a child-snatching, devil-covenanting witch, The Lighthouse looks like it’s doing something similar with the maritime legends and eerie sea shanties of yore.

In the trailer, Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe play a couple of sailor bros trapped in the titular lighthouse, just doing regular sailor bro things like getting plastered, smoking a pipe, doing repairs, interrogating each other about their true motivations, carving mermaids out of bone, peering suspiciously at each other through doorways, getting more plastered, dancing while plastered, fighting while plastered, and wait…

…is that Robert Pattinson punching out Willem Dafoe while getting caressed by giant tentacles?

We’ll find out when The Lighthouse lands in theaters October 18.


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