Star Trek: The Motion Picture Is Coming Back to Theaters

Star Trek: The Motion Picture turns 40 this year, and to celebrate the happy occasion, the film is coming back to theaters this fall!

But not for long. As reported by Entertainment WeeklyStar Trek: The Motion Picture will only be in theaters for two days, so you’d better get those tickets fast. In return, you’ll be getting a pretty authentic viewing experience, along with some extra lore. According to EW, the polarizing 1979 flick (and the first Star Trek movie ever!) will be screened in its original aspect ratio in more than 500 theaters, accompanied by a 2009 making-of short called The Longest Trek: Writing the Motion Picture

Since it’s been 40 years, here’s a quick refresher on Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s plot: Basically, Kirk reunites with the crew of the Enterprise (who have now been promoted to shiny new titles), totally screwing up the power dynamics and ruffling more than a few feathers, so that they can investigate a mysterious blue swirly thing that’s heading straight for Earth after taking out three Klingon ships.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture will return in theaters September 15 and 18. Until then, check out’s rewatch of the movie, as well as our primer on the film’s troubled production history.


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