Daveed Diggs to Narrate Audiobook for Sci-Fi Mermaid Novella The Deep

Who says black mermaids don’t exist?

Simon and & Schuster has announced that The Deep, an afrofuturist mermaid tale by River Solomon, will be released as an audiobook this November, featuring narration by Broadway Hamilton star Daveed Diggs.

Solomon’s The Deep is based on a 2017 song by hip-hop group clipping. (Daveed Diggs and producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes), itself an homage to techno artists Drexciya, as clipping. told The Verge. The song is set in the same utopian underwater world referenced in Drexciya’s work, a society formed by the descendants of pregnant African women who were thrown overboard from slave ships. Solomon’s The Deep explores that world further through Yetu, one of the descendants tasked to remember her kind’s traumatic history. Due to the toll these memories are taking on her, Yetu flees to the surface in attempt to escape the memories, where she learns more about the world her people were cast out from.

Coming full circle, Diggs is set to narrate the audiobook of The Deep, scheduled for release alongside the print and digital versions of the novella on November 5th. Diggs talks about the The Deep and his involvement in a video for Simon & Schuster.

via [Simon and Schuster]


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