This New Deleted Scene from Avengers: Endgame is Seriously Going to Make You Cry

Quite possibly the biggest spoiler we could have for Avengers: Endgame is in this post, so DO NOT CLICK if you haven’t seen it. 

First, some spoiler space.





Did you know that Star Trek: Voyager’s final episode was also called “Endgame”?





It was not as good.






As if you didn’t weep enough when Tony sacrificed himself at the end of Avengers: Endgamea newly unearthed deleted scene will literally suck all of the tears right out of your face. That sentence was distressing, but you should prepare to feel distressed.

On Friday, USA Today released the deleted scene in question, which shows all of the Avengers gathered on the battlefield following Tony’s death. Hawkeye kneels out of respect, and then so does Black Panther and Captain Marvel, followed by all of his teammates in silent tribute. (The only one who doesn’t is…well, take a look.)

So, with this scene so primed to get fans bawling, why did the Russo bros take it out of the final cut? Apparently, it’s because a better, more moving scene already serves that purpose.

“It’s a beautiful scene with moving performances, but we filmed it prior to Tony Stark’s funeral,” the Russo bros told USA Today via email. “The funeral scene ultimately became a more resonant and emotional reflection on Tony’s death for us.”


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